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Our awesome services

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Our Sales team ensures customers have aware of the latest products in the market. GulfZone is known for its wide collection of all the things you might need to help you start or finish a project. Right from hardware to power tools, you’ll find everything you need for your needs. Regardless how big and small is your organization , you can find the right fit across a variety of Power tools from our stores that will help you take your organization to the next level. we also sells a range of spare parts and peripherals that will be just right for giving a fresh Start to your Power tools. 

We GulfZone ensure our Customers benefit from the first-class service. Whether you need repair, seasonal maintenance for you will be in the very best hands. From mechanics to electronics – our professionals are experts and work with state of the art testing technology, and we offer consumers an alternative choice in the market place for servicing and diagnostic repairs. we adhere to strict quality standards and audited on an annual basis to ensure quality servicing every time.

Whether you are an engineer, corporate customer, or workshop owner, our team of experts can help you to choose the right power tools to cater to your needs, In order to meet advances in power tools technology and increased demand for delivery of a complete range of services, we are proud to collaborate with leading brands around the world and introduce the customers in the UAE.